The Color Yellow is often associated with Joy, cheer, lightness, intellect, optimism, zest for life, flexibility, attention, awakens, affirmation, freshness, aliveness, healthy physicality, it also stimulates the nervous system...
Gold is usually associated with masculine power, the power of the sun, authority, empire, self confidence, wealth, illumination, winning, luxury of abundance, a healthy ego and the power of aliveness.

These are some of the more common vibrations related to this particular group of colors, there are many more.
I encourage everyone to do their own research in this matter and explore your own emotions and feeling that each particular color and its variations affect you.
Mineral DetailBlades of GrassNatural GoldMineral FlowLayers in the SandstoneSpringtimeWater and OilColorful BloomSeasons and changeWater backgroundVeins on a leafAutumn leavesFrozen in timeWhite Chrysanthemummacro of a white Chrysanthemummacro of a white ChrysanthemumPatterns and texture on IciclesPatterns and texture on IciclesPatterns and texture on IciclesPatterns and texture on Icicles